Background Information

Quick facts about AgCall CropInspect

  • National provider of field crop inspections
  • Established in 2014 at the beginning of Alternative Service Delivery (ASD)
  • Division of AgCall Inc., an industry leader in providing outsourced marketing, sales, service and education solutions
  • Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with over 30 years of experience with dedicated project managers, IT specialists, business development consultants and executive management
  • Member and contributor of the Authorized Seed Crop Inspection Service (ASCIS) Association.

AgCall CropInspect Strategic Goals

Be a premium supplier of quality pedigreed seed crop inspections to Canadian seed growers and seed companies.

Work together with our customers to safeguard the reputation and integrity of the Canadian seed system.

Continue to build a leading national third-party seed crop inspection service through a professional and experienced team of licensed seed crop inspectors.

Guarantee performance, timeliness and communication to our customers.

How to Become an LSCI

  • The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) provides the training to become a Licensed Seed Crop Inspector. Training and licensing include a combination of in class and in field training with each portion requiring successful completion of an examination. For information regarding CFIA training dates, locations and more, contact
  • If you're interested in becoming trained as an LSCI and working with AgCall CropInspect, contact one of our representatives for more information.

AgCall CropInspect Operational Structure

Strength in numbers is key when it comes to executing tasks over a wide geographical region. AgCall CropInspect utilizes 70+ strategically located inspectors to ensure fields are inspected in a timely manner and as efficiently as possible.

Utilizing a regional support structure, one designated lead inspector is responsible to oversee inspection activities in their area. Leads are available to mentor and train other inspectors throughout the season. This structure has been essential to building a strong, and well supported team.

With over 30 years business experience in agriculture, AgCall has developed excellent management systems. From quoting, invoicing and payment to value added services such as an email notification tool, AgCall CropInspect has the procedures in place to provide a superior service.

AgCall has developed a dependable operation structure to best serve you, the Canadian seed grower.